Lot 178 Kg Batu Lapan,Sg Kob,
09700 Karangan,Kedah
Darul Aman. Ladang


8.00AM - 7.00PM


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About Us

The company is set up on the basis of expanding and increasing the number of goats breeding. Since the demand for meat is too high by income, so we have taken the initiative to start this business. The owner simply pushes small businesses like selling meat to market, but he is having trouble getting Livestock supplies. He decided to carry out a Livestock-based business of Ternakan N&A Wawasan SDN BHD which was established on 08/03/2003.

TNAWSB is headed by two directors, namely Mr Nazir Ali b.Mydin Pitchay (taking care of administrative affairs and financial companies). Meanwhile, Mr Nurul Azman bin Mydin Pitchay (taking care of and farming in the farm). The company has five staff members serving in the office while six employees worked in the farm.

TNAWSB commenced operations at Lot 178 Kg Batu Lapan, Sg Kob, 09700 Karangan, Kedah Darul Aman. The TNWSB farm has a total land area of ​​1432 hectares. The goat farm has a total area of ​​about 2000 sheep, and the cow can accommodate about 800 cows. It has various types like Jamnapari, Boer, Dopper, Damara, Santa Ines, Barbados sheep village. While the cows have different types of Brahman, LID, KK (Kedah Kelantan).

The company's mission in the future is to increase the number of goats for meat.